/Instagram Accounts All Dog Lovers Should Follow

Instagram Accounts All Dog Lovers Should Follow

Looking for some cute and cuddly goodness to complete your insta feed? Here are some paw-some accounts that are sure to brighten up your day.


Beach day today!!🏖🙌🏽💙. #huskylife

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Two huskies and a baby – need I say more? This collage of husky-baby loving moments will have you squealing in awe.


This is Calvin. He thinks he can fly. 12/10 nobody tell him otherwise

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Only the best dogs are featured on this page, with hilarious captions. Meet the most talented, exceptional, and adorable pups on the Internet.

Marnie The Dog

Frootie dooties #tbt

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The marvelous mrs. marn marn haha that’s just a joke #tbt

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Who says senior dogs aren’t cute? 16-year-old Marnie not only has 2 million followers on Instagram, she’s probably met more Hollywood celebrities than any of us ever will.

The Dogist

Meet Elias Weiss Friedman, also known as the Dogist. As a street photographer, he has captured the hearts of many through visual stories of the canines of New York.


Ever dreamt of going on wild adventures with your pup? That’s exactly what Loki the wolf dog does, and his owner, @sharktoof, captures it on Instagram! It’s hard to decide which is more majestic: the beauty of the great outdoors or this magnificent wolf-hybrid.

Sporty The Dog

This self-walking golden retriever is taking the Internet by storm with her impressive ability and charming looks. She strolls, you scroll!

Menswear Dog


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Hemingwow 📜🖋

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This pupper is most definitely the most stylish dog on the planet. Boasting a wardrobe more chic than most of ours, let Bodhi the shiba inu give you some invaluable fashion tips.

Puppy Dogs

😍😍😍 @rolliethegolden

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Maybe they won’t be able to find us for a bath! 🤣 🎥 @2husketeers

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This community-based page will having you swooning and laughing at the daily happenings of dogs and their owners from around the world. You can even submit your own photos or videos at puppystagram.com.