/Can I Bring Dogs And Cats To KLIA Airport

Can I Bring Dogs And Cats To KLIA Airport

You are going to travel aboard soon, and you want to bring your pet along. However, you’re not sure of the rules and regulations for travelling with pets, or if it’s even a great idea to bring your dog or cat to the KLIA airport.

KLIA Airport’s Policy

Be sure you follow the rules and regulations to ensure your furry companion arrives in pristine condition. Your best bet is to contact the airline to ensure you’re up to date on all the necessary travel requirements before bringing your pet to the airport.

Here’s everything you need to know about KLIA Airport‘s No Pets Policy.

1. Passengers who are travelling with their pets/guide/service/hearing animal need to call and make necessary prior arrangements with the airlines. The “Pets On-Board/In-Cabin Allowed” Policy varies from one carrier to another and from one route to another.

2. It is the airlines’ responsibility to escalate their policy to the passengers.

3. Should the airlines allow the passenger to have pets on-board the aircraft, it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain the relevant approval documents such as vaccination certificates and entry permits from the respective authorities.

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4. Small size pets/guide/hearing/service animals; upon approval; must at all times be with the passenger and in the permitted carriage. Size of the container permitted must be in accordance to the Single Cabin Luggage policy.

5. Notwithstanding the above, the airport has the absolute discretion to disallow the small pets/guide/hearing/service animal in the permitted carriage to pass through the airport terminal building if its behavior is inappropriate, disruptive and an endangerment to other passengers or airport users. In such cases, arrangements must be made by passenger/airline to handle the pets/guide/service/hearing animal via the airside.

6. The airport shall not be responsible for any harm/injury/fatality if the pets/guide/hearing/service animal is accidently released from its carriage and compromises the safety and security of the airport.

7. The airport shall not be responsible in providing pets relief area (neither at the airside nor landside).

8. The passenger or/and airline (when the pets/guide/hearing/service animal is in the possession of the airline while waiting to embark or disembark) takes full responsibility in providing the pets relief area. The passenger will be personally liable for any discomfort arising from their pets/guide/hearing/service animal relieving themselves either in the airside or landside area of the airport.

In short, pets and service animals are not allowed within the terminal buildings of KLIA Airport. Although pets can be transported as checked baggage, your pet must be handled by the cargo staff, including bringing your pet into the airport. You may contact pet relocation services to make the journey stress-free for your pet.

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Pet-Friendly Airline In Malaysia


Looking for a pet-friendly airline in Malaysia? Some airlines policy will not permit transport of animals and some do allowed. Malaysia Airlines maybe a great option for pet owners. Here’s what you need to know about Malaysia Airlines’s pet policy.

1. Can my pet fly with me in the cabin?

No. Malaysia Airlines does not permit pets to travel in the cabin of the aircraft. However, they do accept pets in the cargo hold as special checked baggage.

2. Does my pet qualify for travel as checked baggage?

Note that only domesticated animals are allowed, including dogs, cats and fish. Be sure the kennel meet all the requirements, and last but not least, your pet must have all the neccesary health documents required by your destination.

3. Any excess baggage charges for pets?

Note that pets shall not be included in the free baggage allowance. Instead, they will be charged as excess baggage under these conditions:

-The charge is based on the pet’s weight plus the weight of the kennel.

-The charge is based on 1.5% of the highest normal direct adult one-way Economy Class fare (in local currency) for each kilogram.

-In case the weight of the pet and its kennel is less than 5 kg, a minimum fee, equivalent to the charge for 5 excess kg, will be charged.

For more information, click here.

4. What are the cage requirements?

-Cage must be suitable for the animal. Your pet, for instance, must have enough space to turn about, stand, and sit erect, and lie down in a natural position.

-Water container must be present within the container with outside access for refilling.

-Food containers must be present either within the container, if sealed or attached to it, in case of any flight delay.

-Have labels with the words “Live Animal” in letters at least 1-inch tall on the crate’s top and on at least one side.

-Have upright arrow labels indicating cage’s correct position.

-Be leak-proof and escape-proof.

5. Any breed restrictions?

Malaysia Airlines does not accept snub-nosed dogs, including Bulldog, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Chow Chow, Pekingnese, Chihuahua and more.

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