/Your Cat Needs This Smart Toilet That Can Detect Health Issues

Your Cat Needs This Smart Toilet That Can Detect Health Issues

Cats are masters of hiding at pains and sickness, so often do not display the noticeable signs that you might expect. If you don’t pay attention to the little clues that indicate your kitty-cat is sick, you may miss when she needs your help. But fret not –  Sharp Corporation has developed a smart toilet that can analyze your cat’s urine and weight while notifying you through a smartphone app.

The smart internet-enabled cat toilet traces your cat‘s weight, length of time spent on the toilet, urine volume and frequency. AI will analyze that data and the information is then sent to your smartphone using AI and Internet of Things technology. For instance, if your cat is spending an unusually long time on the litter box, you will be alerted via Cocoro Pet, an application that installed on your phone.


Most cat owners are willing to do almost anything for their beloved kitty-cats, including spend more on pet health care than they spend on themselves – so it’s natural that a company would come up with a smart litter box to keep track of health issues. The advanced cat toilet offers up a great deal of analysis and is going to be a very useful pet care accessory for cat owners, especially if their cats suffer from urinary tract issues or kidney problems.

Credit: Sharp Corporation

The HN – PC001 smart cat toilet will be released on July 30, 2018 for about 24,800 Yen (RM 902/305 SGD). In addition to the main unit, cat owners also have to pay an additional monthly service charge of about 4 SGD/RM 11 to receive notifications.