/Things Your Dog Can Read About You

Things Your Dog Can Read About You

There’s a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. They are sensitive, sweet, and loyal animals that love us unconditionally. Their amazing ability to read situations and body language, and sense emotions is unparalleled to any other domestic pet. Here are some interesting things your perceptive pup can read from you.

1. If You’re Generous Or Selfish


Researchers from the University of Milan conducted an experiment involving dogs observing two groups of humans: one group shared food with a beggar while the other group shunned the beggar. When the participants called the dogs at the same time, a majority of the dogs responded to the group that shared food with the beggar. Though the biology of this phenomenon is yet to be figured out, it seems that dogs can discern if a person is displaying generous or selfish behaviour and instinctively gravitate towards kinder humans.

2. When You’re Coming Home


We all suspect our dogs of having such an ability, and yes, our pups do know when we are coming home. This isn’t what some might call a “sixth sense” but rather, a testament to their incredible observation skills. Dogs know our smell, the sound of our car and our footsteps. Subtler clues such as the time we usually return home, the behaviour of the people at home, and external environmental cues don’t go unnoticed either. For example, if you usually reach home at 7pm, an hour before mailman comes, chances are your dog would know you’ll be home in an hour when it sees or hears the mailman.

3. If You’re Angry


Your dog knows if you’re angry at someone nearby, or at them. If you’re in an argument, your dog can sense the change in tone of your voice, your body posture, and facial expressions. The same observations are made when you are angry at them. Some dogs may react anxiously or guiltily, others may not seem to care. If your anger is directed at them, make sure they know why, or else your reaction may have an adverse effect on your dog’s behaviour.

4. When You’re Flying Off


Unfortunately, most dogs do know if their owner is about to fly off. This is learnt by association – an open luggage and frenzied packing usually gives it away. If your canine is known to get anxious, try to do the packing discretely and play some classical music to soothe them. Having something to look forward to always helps, so make sure your dog is going to a fun and loving environment while you are away.

5. What Your Intentions Are


Whether your intentions are good, bad, or unfavourable, your dog knows it all. This is why many owners are impressed when their dog knows they are going to the vet or the groomers’. With the intelligence of a two-year-old, dogs observe who and what we look at and how we look at them to determine what we are thinking. They are also very sensitive to changes in our energy, and will quickly pick up on it to decipher the situation.

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