/What Are Dog Food Toppers And Does My Dog Need Them

What Are Dog Food Toppers And Does My Dog Need Them

Have you ever wondered how to increase the palatability of your dog’s food, or how to enhance the nutrition of your dog’s dry food in healthier ways? It is no secret that most dog owners want the best for their pet, whether it be in their health, their happiness or both. Dogs, just like humans, look forward to meal time each day. However, many of the foods which we serve our dogs can undercut the joy and health benefits which we expect to come from eating. Recently, many dog owners have been turning to freeze dried dog food toppers to help dogs maintain a more balanced diet, as well as improve their eating experience.

What Are Dog Food Toppers?

Credit: PerroMart SG
Credit: PerroMart SG

Dog food toppers are additives which are designed to be combined with a dog’s kibble to add flavour and additional nutritional value. Most food toppers will come in the form of freeze-dried nuggets of raw meat, normally chicken or salmon. Dog food toppers not only make the meal more appetizing for the dog, they also can help maximize the mileage the owner receives from their dry food by providing the option to get more servings out of each purchase.

Why Are Dog Food Toppers Useful?


Many dog food manufacturers have recently been shifting their products to include more natural, and healthier options in their products. This new dedication to health has brought an increase in the price of dog products. Faced with this price increase, many dog owners had to revert back to the generic, basic brands of dry food. This food often lacks in nutritional benefits, as well is bland and flavorless-causing many dogs to grow weary of them and stop eating. Dog food toppers can allow an owner to get the same nutritional value present in these new kibbles, at a lesser price, as well as increasing the palatability of the food for the dog, ensuring he stays interested in his food.  Many dog owners renewed their interest in food toppers when faced with the rising prices of dog foods, and have found them to be helpful for the health and happiness of their dogs.

The problem of “boring” or “bland” kibble is not a new one, and dog owners have been looking to remedy this issue for a long time. Some solutions that have been tried are mixing the dry kibble with wet food, or kitchen scraps. While this may serve to improve the taste of the food, it does not provide the nutritional values one can find in toppers. In fact, it is well documented that many dry and wet foods are lacking in one main category: protein. Freeze-dried toppers are often very rich in protein, making them a healthy addition to a dog’s diet.

Benefits Of Freeze Drying And Raw Meats


While there is a rising demand of pet food toppers, what benefits can be derived from preparing food in this way? Freeze-drying is a process which is designed to preserve meats for an extended period of time, without the harmful chemicals or preservatives. The product is “flash frozen” at an ultra-low temperature, and then has the moisture removed in a vacuum. Since bacteria and other microorganisms often rely on water for survival, freeze drying allows raw meat to keep for a long time without fear of contamination. Furthermore, freeze-drying allows owners to give their dogs raw meats, so they can enjoy all the nutritional values which accompany eating raw. Dogs in the wild would only eat raw meat, so being able to provide them with a raw diet ensures the dog is provided with a diet that is most compatible with its digestive system. Finally, freeze drying a product removes much of the unnecessary weight which is present in the form of water and moisture. This means buying any given amount of freeze-dried product, will encompass more meat than the same product prepared in a different manner.

Are Food Toppers Right For My Pet?


While there are many tangible benefits that can be gleaned from using food toppers, how do you know if they’re something that’s right for your unique fuzzy friend? For starters, if you’re noticing your dog is becoming more peckish, topping his food may prove beneficial for you. Furthermore, nursing mothers often are turned off by kibble, and topping the food may keep your pet interested, without having to completely change his diet.

With pet food toppers, we can make life a little more interesting for our pets –  let’s mix up your dog’s mealtime with an exciting meal plan! Your pet’s mealtime is just as important as for you. All dogs will definitely enjoy the benefits and extra flavour that come with food toppers and mixers!

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