/Pet Hotels With Webcams In Malaysia

Pet Hotels With Webcams In Malaysia

Feeling guilty for leaving your pet behind? Leaving our pets can be very stressful. Although a boarding kennel or pet hotel can put your mind at ease, you will still want to make sure that your pet is being well taken care of when you’re away. Worry not as pawrents can now monitor their furry friends via a CCTV camera system at a pet hotel! You can rest easy knowing your pet is safe and happy when he can’t be with you.

Keep your cats and dogs pampered and well taken care of at these pet hotels in Malaysia. All of them are equiped with CCTV and you can watch your pet whenever you like!

1. Catzonia Malaysia, Selangor

Our feline friends need holiday too! You can relax when you know your kitty-cat is comfortable and well taken care of – Catzonia guarantees your cat will enjoy her home away from home! Each feline guest receives individualized playtime and social interaction with the caring staffs, experienced in feline social needs and desires. Other pet services such as grooming and mating are also available.

Website: Catzonia

2. Cathoot Malaysia, Selangor

With a non-kennel environment, Cathoot Malaysia strives to provide a safe, enjoyable and comfortable boarding experience for your cat. From cat bed to grooming service, they customize your pet’s stay to meet her needs and to fit your budget. The dedicated team will make your cat comfortable as possible in their climate controlled facility and provide the love and care your cat needs during her stay.

Website: Cathoot

3. Cocomomo, Kuala Lumpur

Most pet owners find a hard time to leave their pets behind boarding kennels because they are cramped and dirty. Cocomomo believes that leaving your pet behind should not be a stressful time for either of you as their boarding facility promises a comfortable, safe, clean and homey environment for your furry companion. With a mission to provide the very best care to every furkid, Cocomomo’s stunning five storey building is tastefully designed with special rooms and suites for your precious ones set with modern installations, a large indoor park, interaction play room and a rooftop pool area.

Website: Cocomomo

4. Globalpets, Johor

Globalpets understands that each pet is unique and strive to make your pet’s boarding experience as comfortable as they can. With comfortable and stress-free environment with web-cam facilities, you can have peace of mind when you leave your pet with Globalpets. Besides boarding facility, they offer grooming and pet cremation services.

Website: Globalpets

5. Sugar Rae Pet Village, Penang

Founded by a dog lover, Aunty Kim will ensure your furkid is cared for with lots of love and lots of hugs! Located in Tanjung Bungah, Penang, your pooch will enjoy the finest vacation getaway just like you do. Facilities such as swimming pool and playgroud are sure to make the tails wagging!

Website: Sugar Rae Pet Village

6. The Pets Hotel Miri, Sarawak

The first pet hotel in Miri that offers comfortable accommodation and value-added services for your pet! Providing fully air-conditioned and spacious environment, the loving staffs are dedicated in ensuring each doggy guest receives an private room, personalized care and individual play time. Updates by email, Facebook or WhatsApp will be given.

Website: The Pets Hotel Miri

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