/Saving Dogs, One GIF At A Time

Saving Dogs, One GIF At A Time

GIF photo booth service provider Ubersnap has collaborated with Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) in the hopes of seeing an increase in the falling adoption rates. “How?”, you may ask; photography plays a key role in the adoption of animals, and a good image – or GIF – could make or break a dog’s chance of finding a forever home.

“Good photos are definitely very important, they go onto our websites, they go onto our social media, because that’s where the public can have a first-hand opportunity to see our dogs that are available for adoption,” says Kieran Kua, SOSD Shelter Manager.

It is no surprise, then, that the usage of GIFs might be even more persuasive in increasing the adoption rates of shelter dogs. Ubersnap decided to test this out by setting up a GIF photo booth at SOSD’s new premises in Sungei Tengah.

Summer is extremely friendly and will give kisses to strangers. She can get too excited and jumpy, so she’s looking for a loving and patient adopter.

Jill Dyché, a respected thought leader in the analytics industry, found that the creation of videos are likely to lead to higher adoption rates in her public data analysis of animal shelters, “Big Data, One Dog at a Time”.

“Today, a general description and static pictures of a frightened pet get posted on shelter websites. Those static pictures are the primary means for animal survival via adoption,” says Jen Underwood, founder of digital media agency Impact Analytix, in her commentary on Jill’s report.

Jill found that posting videos of animals interacting with humans is more effective in increasing adoption rates, compared to static images. GIFs then, are the perfect medium to use, as their quick capture effectively brings the pups’ personality to life.

Vienna was rescued with a litter of puppies. She’s the only one left in the litter who hasn’t been adopted.

Watch the full video below!

Saving Our Furry Friends Through GIFs

Sparked by the recent shift to a smaller pet shelter at Sungei Tengah, coupled with a dip in adoption rates, Ubersnap collaborated with SOSD Singapore to introduce Singapore's first pet GIF photobooth. Photography plays a key role in adoption of pets and we hope that through our GIFs people would be able to experience the unique personalities of these loving shelter dogs. SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation that requires public donations to continue their mission to rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. With the big move from East to West, SOSD hopes to raise more funds for the renovation of their new pet shelter. A little kindness goes a long way, click here to donate https://sosd.org.sg/donation/. Adopt, Don't Shop! Adopting, fostering, or sponsoring a shelter pet is an extremely rewarding experience. If you feel that you are able to provide a happy home for these dogs, click here to take a look at the profiles and GIFs of the dogs available for adoption https://sosd.org.sg/adopt-a-dog/.

Posted by Ubersnap on Friday, 3 August 2018

How Can You Help?

At Perro, we always encourage adoption. If you are looking to welcome a pet into the family, please adopt. There are many homeless dogs out there waiting for a new home and SOSD is just one of the many shelters in Singapore.

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If you can’t adopt, SOSD is always looking for fosterers, volunteers and donations. Read more on how you can make a difference even if adoption isn’t an option here.