/Trending: Cat Crushed To Death By Massage Chair

Trending: Cat Crushed To Death By Massage Chair – Here’s How To Prevent

Is a massage chair safe to have around pets and kids? If you have a massage chair in your home, here’s a little friendly reminder to take care of your pets.

A massage chair can, surprisingly, pose dangers to our cats and dogs – it could turn into a killing machine!

A 40-year-old woman named Wong and her family recently purchased a massage chair for health and relaxation reasons. It seems like a great idea but unfortunately, one of their cats named Oyster went under the massage chair through an opening and was crushed to death by the mechanism in the chair.

The sad incident happened in Hong Kong. Wong and her husband had five cats staying in their home, and Oyster, the nine-year-old British Short-Haired cat was the apple of their eyes. Both of them are cat lovers and consider their pets to be members of the family.

According to Apple Daily, Wong bought a massage chair worth 25,000 Hong Kong Dollar (RM 13,000) at a home fair last month, and they received it on 8 August.

On 11 August, Wong was out for some business and she asked her younger brother and father to come over to look after her furkids. The younger brother then turned the massage chair on and soon, he heard the sound of a cat whining and other strange sounds coming from the massage chair. Moments later, he heard the sound again and realised that something was wrong.

英國短毛貓 被按摩椅監生夾死 - screenshot-apple-daily-pet-cat-died-massage-chair
Screenshot of AppleDaily’s video: Oyster

Wong’s father quickly lifted the massage chair up to look underneath, and he saw Oyster had been bent into “S” shaped. The cat was caught in the mechanism and was suffocating. Although they immediately switched off the massage chair and rescued the cat, it was already too late.

Screenshot of AppleDaily’s video: Mechanism of the massage chair

Losing a beloved pet can be extremely painful. This sad incident reminds pet owners of why it’s important to make sure there’s no human or pet near the surroundings before using the massage chair.

Whether you own or plan to invest in a massage chair, here are few things to know:

1. Choose a massage chair that has an enclosed base – make sure that there are no exposed areas with wires or gears.

2. Check your surroundings before turning on the massage chair, especially if the mechanism in your massage chair will be exposed through an opening when in use. This is because your pet might accidentally go into the mechanism.

3. Always be sure to keep your pet away from the massage chair at all times when in use.