/Singapore 2018: Where To Buy Mooncakes For Dogs

Where To Buy Mooncakes For Dogs

It’s that time of the year again; where the family goes on nostalgic lantern walks and have rich, sweet mooncakes for dessert. This mid-autumn festival, how about including your pup in the festivities? Dog bakeries around Singapore have whipped up some delectable mooncakes for our Singapore pups to join in the fun. Here’s a list of where you can find these sweet treats.


The Barkery Singapore

The Barkery’s Mid-Autumn Mooncakes are made from premium all-natural, doggy-friendly ingredients. Their mini-sized mooncakes are back again with two flavours to choose from: baked mooncake with peanut and carob, and snowskin mooncake with salmon and sweet potato. Their mooncakes are only available upon pre-order, so head over to their website to place your order soon!

Ingredients: Russet potato, Orange sweet potato rice flour, Extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, Honey, Greek yogurt, Beetroot, Spirulina, Turmeric, Carob, Egg (for the baked Mooncakes only)

Price: $25.80 for a set of 4 mooncakes

Superdog Kitchen

This year, Superdog Kitchen has partnered with Fave to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with their unique Mao Shan Wang Durian Cheesetart Mooncakes. Made with 100 percent natural ingredients while being fully customisable for diet-special dogs, this treat promises to be a hit with the canines. This offer is only available on Fave till 13 October 2018, limited to the first 25 customers.

Ingredients: Garbanzo bean flour, Olive oil, Manuka honey, Cage-free eggs, Cream cheese, Agar powder, Organic fruits, Fresh Mao Shan Wang durian flesh

Price: $50 for a set of 4 mooncakes


Isa Pets and Bakes

Treat your dogs to the savoury mooncakes baked by Isa Pets and Bakes. Their protein-filled cakes are naturally coloured by beetroot and sweet potato for a sweet pink and purple hue. With a choice of four different fillings, you have the freedom to decide if you would like all flavours to be the same, all different, or have two of each of your preferred fillings in the set of four. Make your pre-order by 17 September before it’s too late!


Mooncake Skin – Sweet potato(purple)/Beetroot(pink), Potato, Cream cheese, Organic coconut oil

Mac Muttffin Pork & Bacon Bits – Pork loin, Bacon, Italian herbs

Mac Muttffin Cheesy Chicken – Chicken breast, Cheddar and mozzarella cheese, Italian herbs

Sticky – Duckie – doo – Duck breast, Honey, Cinnamon

Ocean Catch Salmon Scallop – Salmon, Scallop

Price: $16 for a set of four mooncakes



Woofy’s Kitchen

Woofy’s Kitchen has both baked and non-baked mooncakes for our beloved pups. Their signature baked traditional mooncakes come in adorable pig and bunny shapes, filled with pork, vegetables and a hint of cheese. They also serve non-baked mooncakes wrapped in sweet potato skin that are packaged either in traditional mini baskets or a pretty box. For dog’s with a liking for exotic meat, their mooncakes even have crocodile or kangaroo meat fillings for an extra-palatable meal. Send your order to woofyskitchen@gmail.com before slots fill out.


Signature/original baked mooncake – Pork, Vegetables, Cheese

Non-baked mooncake – Sweet potatoes, Pork/Beef/Crocodile with Tapioca/Kangaroo, Vegetables, Cheese


Pork/beef fillings – $14 for a set of four mooncakes

Crocodile/kangaroo fillings – $20 for a set of four mooncakes

The Woof Barkery

Colourful snowskin mooncakes? Yes please! These insta-worthy doggy mooncakes from The Woof Barkery not only look good, but are irresistible grain-free treats for our pooches. Made using meat and vegetables only, you have a choice between chicken, pork, salmon, beef or lamb. Only limited sets are available so drop them a message on their Instagram to submit your enquiry!

Ingredients: Various meats (Chicken/Pork/Salmon/Beef/Lamb), Vegetables


Chicken/pork – $30 for a set of six mooncakes

Salmon/beef/lamb – $40 for a set of six mooncakes


Yum Yum Bean

These organic snowskin mooncakes by Yum Yum Bean contain no sugar, artificial colouring, or preservatives. They contain unique ingredients such as wolfberries, chicken soft bone and chia seeds that make a healthy treat. To order, simply WhatsApp them at +65 81289515 or drop them a message on their Facebook page.


Purple – Sweet potato, Wolfberries, Chicken soft bone
Yellow – Passion fruit snowskin, Potato, Cheese, Chia seed, Baby egg yolk 

Price: $15 for a set of two mooncakes, $28 for a set of four mooncakes