/Reasons To Adopt A Special Needs Pet

Reasons To Adopt A Special Needs Pet

Every animal deserves a loving home, including special needs pets. What is a special needs pet? A special needs pet is any pet who needs a little extra care and attention in one way or another. Special needs can encompass various disabilities, chronic medical conditions and behavioural issues. Some common problems among cats and dogs include a physical disability, deafness, blindness, behavioural issues that need rehabilitation and regular medication. Victims of animal abuse and senior pets fall into the special needs category as well. They are no different in most respects from any other pet. Here are some reasons you should consider adopting a special needs pet.

Save A Life


Yes, you are helping the animal! Special needs pets are among the most challenging for rescue groups and animal shelters to rehome. Many special needs pets are often overlooked  and will spend their lives in shelters. This is because many adopters fear the unknown or look upon special needs animals as “broken”. By adopting a special needs pet, you are giving the animal the chance at a family he or she might not have had. Special needs pets deserve love, care and an enriching life just like any other pet! Adopt a special needs pet, save a life and add to your loving family.

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They Are Even More Awesome Than We Thought


Special needs pets can bring extra responsibilities, and of course, amazing rewards! They are no more difficult to train than a “normal” dog or cat and have just as much love to give. It might be easier than you think to train a pet with special needs such as blindness. Blind cats and dogs are no different than other pets! They act like a “normal” dog or cat as they don’t know what blindness is or that they have. (Read more: Elsa, A Puppy Mill Survivor, A Warrior Princess)

When it comes to adopting a senior pet, you have the privilege of choosing the fully-formed personality that best fits your lifestyle. A kitten or puppy is not necessarily ideal for everyone’s lifestyle. Senior pets are often house trained, know basic obedience and commands. They are less destructive than the younger pets. (Read more: Choosing An Adult Cat Or Kitten – Which Is Better For You)

Adopting a special needs pet can teach you a valuable lesson about adapting to life’s challenges. Special needs pets are little superheroes. You can learn  from the perseverance of pets with special needs. And you will learn something new too! Because you love your pet, you will learn all you can about the condition and what you can do to help.

Believe it or not – a special needs pet will repay you with a kinder, deeper type of love!

Things to Consider Before Adopting A Special Needs Pet


Are you ready to open your heart and home to a special needs pet? Are you confident that you will be able to give the pet the extra love and attention he requires? Here are some important things you should consider before adopting.

1.The additional financial costs

Note that special needs pets require far more financial resources than regular pets. Special needs pets may need special medications, treatments or training.  Be sure you can fit these costs into your budget.

2.How much time and energy you will have to dedicate

Does your lifestyle support owning a special needs pet?  Your pet may need frequent vet visits or medications at specific times of day.  You need to ensure that your work and life schedules allow time for you to take care of your pet.

3.Will your pet fit into your family

Do you have other pets or children in the home? Can they get along with your new special needs pet? Ensure all members are onboard.