/Dog Training Tips For Puppies

Dog Training Tips For Puppies

When bringing home a new puppy, training can begin almost immediately, and one should not hold off training until later! Having said that, a new puppy is constantly learning, and if you start him off on the right track you will have a dog that will perform a great number of tricks before his first year. In this article, we will be looking at what training to begin with and how to get your puppy to perform certain commands using positive training methods!



One of the very first things you want to do is to housebreak the puppy. Housebreaking means training him to go potty outside rather than inside the home, and this could take anywhere from 2 weeks to several weeks depending on the puppy. Having said that, you might want to be take him outside about once per hour while he is very young, and also first thing in the morning and last thing at night! However, you won’t have to take him out every hour during the night, because their metabolism slows down when they are sleeping, and they can go longer during these hours.

Crate Training


Crate training is usually the best way to house train a dog, and it is also seen as their little den, somewhere he feels safe if introduced early enough. The idea is that a dog generally won’t go to the bathroom where he sleeps, so putting him in the crate just before bed time and letting him out first thing in the morning allows him to relieve himself, and eventually he will get the idea that bathroom time is outside. However, if you wish to train your puppy to pee in the crate, this is one article on potty training you can look into! Moving on, you can also help him stay regular by giving him meals at the exact same time each day, and remove food bowls during these times. This will help reduce pickiness.

Basic Tricks


There are many tricks you can teach puppies at a very early age, including sit, lay, stand and heel, but it is always best to use positive training methods. Positive training refers to you rewarding the puppy for doing something right, and using treats is a great and easy way to get the results you want. Using treats in a way that encourages the puppy to want to perform an action gets fast results. For example, you simply use the treat or piece of food to get him into the position you want. Slowly move your hand upwards until he is in the sitting position and say ‘sit’ at the same time. This will show him what the sit command means and he will eventually do it without the treat.

We hope this article has as inspired you to try some of these training tips with your pet, to you see how well behaved you can easily get your dog to become with loads of patience! Don’t forget to have fun during the process!