/6 Signs Your Cat Needs More Affection And Attention

6 Signs Your Cat Needs More Affection And Attention

Cats get the reputation for being aloof loners, and while it may be true, it doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t crave attention and affection just like other pets!

Pawing At Your Leg Or Arm


Pawing at you is your cat’s way of saying “Look at me!”. It’s one of the most obvious signs that your feline friend wants your attention. It’s rude to ignore being batted, so give your cat the attention she deserves! She will appreciate it!

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Excessive Meowing


From “Hello” to hunger, cats meow for many reasons, but sometimes they meow simply because they want your attention. They often meow to initiate petting, play or get their humans to talk to them.

According to WebMD, cats only meow at humans to communicate – which means meowing is a language reserved for communicating with us. In cat-to-cat communication, cat language is mostly spoken through scent and body language, and that’s why cats don’t really meow to communicate with each other. Because we are such a verbal species, we seem to respond best when our feline friends meow at us. And cats are pretty smart as they can learn that meowing is the best way to train us to respond to what they want us to do. Like other animals, they do what works for them.

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Inappropriate Scratching


It’s normal for our feline friends to scratch objects in their environment. They scratch things to keep their claws healthy and to advertise their territory to other cats by leaving scent marks on the objects they scratch. Additionally, scratching can be an emotional release for cats. If your cat has plenty of scratching posts but still will insist on scratching inappropriate objects, then chances are that she may be trying to get your attention.

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Knocking Things Down


Cats are naturally curious creatures and they love to use their paws to explore objects. Their paw pads are exceptionally sensitive, so when they paw at objects or knock something down, it helps them better understand what might be safe or not. Another reason our feline friends might learn to knock objects off the table and shelves is that it captures our attention. They are incredibly smart creatures, and of course, they definitely know that you are going to come running if they knock over your flower vase or glass!

Waiting Outside At Your Door


“Let me in, hooman!” Cats are well-known for being amazing micro-managers and they always want to know what’s going on in their territory. When you close your bedroom or bathroom door, your attention-seeking cat will scratch and paw at the door until it opens.

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Sitting On Your Laptop


Attention-seeking cats love to distract their humans while they are working. They love to be the centre of attention and can be jealous if you are paying extra attention to a person, another animal or even an object!

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